Our customers...

Really enjoyed your strawberry cheesecake!

– Sandra Vaughan

My birthday cake is gorgeous thanks so very much…

– Kimmii Cyri

Just wanted to thank-you for the lovely cupcakes you designed for me, my husband and my two toddlers Sienna and Ryan. Not only did they look fab but they were also delicious!

– Jo West

Looking at your lunch menu brings tears to my eyes… When are you guys coming to Jamaica? :'( So I can have the best ice lattes, tiramisu and quiches the world has ever tasted!

– Sigourney Danielle Hitchins

Just last night I was reminiscing on the awesomeness that is Flindt. The entire family agreed. Boy, do we miss your tasty delights!!!

– Damon Wilson

To everyone at Flindt, thank-you for your lovely, lovely words for Christians 21st, we all hope to see you ALL very soon!

– Julie-Ann Lee

Today I went to your Quayside location, a young lady greeted me with a smile and said “I know what you have come for, but they’re not here yet”. I started to laugh and said “how do you know this?”, she said, “I don’t forget a face or a preference”, and said “have a seat they should be here soon”. Not ten minutes later, I walked out of Flindt with a smile on my face and not one but TWO tiramisu!!!

– Joy Toppin

Hi, thank you for hooking me up with my birthday cake today, it was lovely indeed and it tasted delicious. As a first timer I’m very impressed, keep up the good work!

– Mhizz Alleyne

The cake Flindt made for our wedding last August — pink-coloured, coffee buttercream and real shells as decorations. It was stunning!

– Martine Boyer