Custom orders

Whatever the occasion, Flindt has you covered!

In addition to full service catering options from the bare minimum to fully staffed, Flindt also offers a range of products-to-go, perfect for a corporate, at-home or a villa event. You simply order, collect and serve!

Ask about our Ready to Serve and Flindt at Home product ranges for other great options to entertain at home or a corporate function.

Check out our Salads & cold pastas selection which are ideal for home entertaining, picnics and BBQ’s. We also have a daily selection of ready-to-go salads in store, just give us a call or stop by to find out what we’ve made today.

Restaurant dining in the comfort of your own home!

The aim of Flindt at home catering is to promote a fast ‘gourmet’ style catering line which saves YOU from long hours in the kitchen and allows you more time to relax!

Don’t forget to finish off your ‘Flindt at Home’ meal with one of our delicious desserts!

Freshly prepared, convenient and ReadytoServe… perfect for any occasion…

Our Ready to Serve line offers a full range of delicious platters, estimated to serve 6 to 8 persons. Please use this number as a guideline however a number of factors should be taken into consideration, including length of the event, other items being served and your clients or guests appetites.

Everyday Life is hectic! Time is precious! Traffic is Unbearable!

We recommend that you phone us first to confirm that your order is ready! The above is just a guideline and not a guarantee. There may be times, especially during peak periods (or when certain items are out of stock) that we will be unable to fulfil your requests. At these times, we will always do our utmost to offer you an alternative solution.

Thank you for being a valuable Flindt Customer!

Please contact us to place your order and for any further information required.